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Utah Breast Augmentation

The subtle contours of every woman's body are different, and trained eye is necessary to see these differences. A patient's body shape and desired breast size are the two most important factors in determining the optimal breast augmentation options. Dr. Sonntag's attention to detail and experience will provide the confidence that your breast augmentation surgery will leave you with gorgeous natural looking breasts.

Dr. Sonntag has over 16 years experience, and has performed thousands of breast augmentation surgeries in Utah, California, and Nevada. Call us today for more information about breast enhancement procedures.

Saline and silicone gel breast implants are available for all breast augmentation procedures. Choosing one or the other largely depends on the look and feel you desire. FDA restrictions on silicone gel breast implants were lifted in 2006, and are now approved for women over the age of 22 that are having a first breast enhancement procedure.

Minimal scarring is always a top priority. Women often have many concerns about scarring after a breast augmentation procedure. Each woman's body shape, size, current breast size, as well as the size of the breast implants needs to be physically evaluated to determine which options will result in the least amount of scarring. We utilize proven cutting edge techniques in all our breast augmentation procedures, which nearly always result in very minimal scarring.

We know that having surgery can be scary. Dr. Sonntag is happy to answer any and all of your breast augmentation questions so you can feel completely comfortable with your surgical procedure. Call our Utah plastic surgery center today with any breast augmentation questions, concerns, or to schedule your free consultation.