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Leg / Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is a very safe and common procedure used to smooth and beautify your legs by removing excess skin and fat from the upper thigh area. Being self-conscious about your legs' appearance can drastically effect a your everyday activities and wardrobe. Don't let your legs stop you from enjoying life the fullest. Call our Utah plastic surgery center today for free, professional consultation.

The best candidates for thigh lift surgery typically have loose skin on the inside or outside of the thighs. The most common causes for this condition are pregnancy, aging, and extreme weight loss. There are also many other reasons for a thigh lift surgery. Only by speaking to a knowledgeable, board certified plastic surgery, will you know if thigh lift surgery is the right choice for you.

During each thigh lift procedure, an incision in the groin crease is made . Skin is then tightened, and fatty tissue can be removed. Often times liposuction is performed on surrounding areas to further remove excess fat. Scarring is very minimal, and virtually unnoticeable (paritcally due to location in the groin crease).

Thigh lift surgery gives many women the renewed confidence and sense of pride in their leg appearance. Please contact out Utah plastic surgery center today with any leg lift questions or to schedule a consultation.