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Forehead / Brow Lift

Forehead / Brow lift surgery is a procedure done to lift and tighten heavy hanging, saggy, and "furrowed" forehead and eye brows. These effects are often due to genetics, heavy stress, and aging.

After forehead / brow lift surgery, patients enjoy a tighter, more natural-looking forehead, as well as a more youthful overall facial appearance. This is a very straightforward, common procedure that can be easily performed at our beautiful, new Utah plastic surgery center just outside of Salt Lake City.

Forehead / Brow lift procedures can be performed using various incision sites, depending of the patient's goals and current forehead appearance. Usually, the surgery is done with an incision at the hairline. Once the forehead tissues are separated from the underlying layer, the muscles causing the wrinkle or frown lines can be removed.

After, the forehead and eyebrows are elevated, and excess skin is trimmed. Differences in eyebrow position can be adjusted and hanging upper eyelid skin can also be corrected during the procedure. Combining the forehead / brow lift with a face lift procedure is also very common amongst patients.

Because incisions are usually made along the hairline scarring usually is minimal and not detectable. Some bruising and swelling is common after the forehead / brow lift surgery is complete. Usually this bruising will subside after 5-10 days, and full recovery is roughly 1-2 weeks.